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Charlotte Laws Quotes Endorsements

“She is such an amazing and inspiring woman.” BuzzFeed

“Laws punctuates every moment with an extraordinary sense of comedic timing and a sharp eye for twisted details. Undercover Debutante turns bleak family secrets and struggles into one hilarious, witty joy ride after another.” Kirkus Reviews

“Charlotte Laws is a tsunami.” Snatch Magazine

“Undercover Debutante is witty, illuminating, engaging, unguarded, and gorgeously written. In a word: triumphant.” Every Way Woman Show

“Charlotte Laws is a champion of the underdog.” New York Post

“Undercover Debutante is a fascinating trip through Charlotte Laws’ unorthodox, yet fascinating, life. Dr. Laws has the mind of a CIA operative. She can make a missile out of sticks.” Dr. Bruce Goldberg, bestselling author of Exploring the Fifth Dimension

Charlotte Laws and her daughter Feb 2019
Charlotte Laws and her daughter in February 2019

“My Goodness, she does a lot!” L.A. Talk Radio

“A beautifully crafted memoir full of family struggles, self-realization, and celebrity party-crashing hijinks. You will laugh out loud. Thank Charlotte Laws for sharing her extraordinary life.” Ralph Cissne, bestselling author of Angel City Singles

“Charlotte Laws is the kind of woman you’d always want on your side.” Vox

“Undercover Debutante is a funny, probing, masterful memoir that gives a big shout out to fearlessness and what’s important in life: helping animals and humans in need. The book is more than a dose of honesty and emotional resonance. It includes the author’s outlandish escapades. No adventure is off-limits from schmoozing with President Reagan to visiting a sadomasochistic dungeon and working at a dingy strip club. Don’t miss the roller coaster ride of Undercover Debutante.” Pamelyn Ferdin, actress and animal activist.

“This book is an incredible testament to the power of persistence. Charlotte Laws blasts through naysayers and self-doubt and is an inspiration to us all.” Mandy Stadtmiller, Daily Beast columnist and bestselling author of Unwifeable

“Charlotte Laws’ success is all down to her fearless attitude and gusto.” Daily Mail

charlotte laws and husband
Charlotte Laws and her boyfriend who later became her husband

“The conversation we need to hear from an honest, brave voice. Writing at its best.”
Paulette Mahurin, author of the best-selling novel The Seven Year Dress

“I love this book. Charlotte Laws is a delightful disturber of norms.” Sue Jones, Hollywood Report TV

“Unbelievable! That’s what most people thought when Charlotte revealed the exploits and escape plans she hatched underneath the serene surface of buttoned-up Atlanta in the 70’s and 80’s. We shared our teen years inside ‘the body bag’ of Atlanta society, as she describes it in her new book, living across the street from one another on a quiet, manicured and muggy Atlanta street. Back then I knew that all this had to end up in a book one day. I’m so glad it finally did. Readers will be, too.” Chris McGinnis, columnist for SF Chronicle / SF Gate

“In Undercover Debutante, Charlotte Laws rebounds from abandonment and family put-downs to earn the respect of presidents and A-list celebrities. This beautifully written story teaches you how to see around the obstacles in your own life. It will have you laughing out loud while at the same time dabbing a tear from your eye. Enjoy this rollicking ride with a most daring woman at the helm.” Ken Lawrence, novelist and former Publisher of the Association of Corporate Counsel, Government Institutes, and Bernan Press.

Charlotte Laws bride wedding
Charlotte Laws at her wedding

“When Charlotte gets something in mind, nothing can stop her.” Stylist Magazine

“Dr. Charlotte Laws must have lived several lives in order to have fitted in the huge amount that she has.” Daily Mail

“Charlotte Laws is a really cool lady. A kick-ass lady.” The Jim Christina Show

“Never underestimate a former Buckhead debutante.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Charlotte Laws is a woman of a thousand faces.” Sábado magazine

“I didn’t realize quite how brave Charlotte is until I see her in action.” The Guardian

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