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Undercover Debutante by Charlotte Laws

Dr. Charlotte Laws—“the most well-known unknown”—is a TV star, best-selling author, and world-renowned advocate for women, animals, and the LGBTQ community. NBC News calls her a “crusader.” BuzzFeed voted her one of the 30 fiercest women in the world, and MSNBC labels her a “hero.”

But who is this former Atlanta debutante who gave up riches for hardship, who gave up security to become a penniless single mom with an assault rifle pointed at her bed?

Charlotte Laws About Undercover Debutante

Undercover Debutante is an award-winning memoir about Laws’s young adult years in Los Angeles. Her adoptive dad was the Captain Hook of her existence, always ready to take a verbal swipe at her. Laws searched for her birth parents and learned that the dark world of devil worship had touched her family tree. She worked as a maid, go-go dancer, and private eye. She was held at gunpoint by one man and almost killed by another. She faced romantic heartbreak and sexual infidelity, dating an “unindicted co-conspirator” and a clinically insane psychologist. She even had a crush on a dead guy.

There were celebrity adventures as well. She crashed star-studded award shows and private parties. She finagled past Secret Service. More than once. She interviewed the president and went on the worst date of her life with a well-known sex symbol who later died from drug abuse.  

Did she ever marry? Did she meet her birth parents? Did she learn what matters in life? What’s the true story of America’s most endearing rebel?   

Real men read pink books.” – Charlotte Laws

In April 2019, Undercover Debutante won a Publisher’s Weekly book award.


Undercover Debutante