Welcome to the official website for the hilarious new memoir, Undercover Debutante, by Charlotte Laws. This book is the winner of a 2019 Publisher’s Weekly book award.

This book details the often-outlandish exploits that transpired in Dr. Laws’ life from age 22 to 39 when her primary goal involved finding and securing love. Specifically, she hoped to track down the family that relinquished her at birth and pinpoint the “perfect” man to marry.

From the start, she knew success was not a guarantee, and she was braced for perilous turns and off-road mishaps. It’s her hope that through the pain, joy, humor, and bizarre antics in this book, you will gain insights that aid in your own life’s voyage.

“Never underestimate a former Buckhead debutante.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Charlotte Laws is a woman of a thousand faces.” Sabado magazine

“This book is an incredible testament to the power of persistence. Charlotte Laws blasts through naysayers and self-doubt and is an inspiration to us all.” Mandy Stadtmiller, Daily Beast columnist

“Charlotte Laws is such an amazing and inspiring woman.” BuzzFeed

Undercover Debutante is a fascinating trip through Charlotte Laws’ unorthodox, yet fascinating life. Dr. Laws has the mind of a CIA operative. She can make a missile out of sticks.” Bruce Goldberg, best-selling author

“Unbelievable!… I knew that all this had to end up in a book one day. I’m so glad it finally did.” Chris McGinnis, columnist for SF Chronicle / SF Gate

“This memoir is an entertaining and enlightening romp through [Laws’] struggle to succeed. Readers will love the ride.” US Review of Books

“Charlotte Laws is a champion of the underdog.” New York Post

“Undercover Debutante is a page-turner that reads like a soap opera. Charlotte Laws’s story will leave readers with mouths gaping wide.” Atlanta Jewish Times

“Laws punctuates every moment with an extraordinary sense of comedic timing and a sharp eye for twisted details. Undercover Debutante turns bleak family secrets and struggles into one hilarious, witty joy ride after another.” Kirkus Reviews

Undercover Debutante by Charlotte Laws Media